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Speaker Cabinet Impulse Responses Messiah 4x12 Cab IR Pack
Messiah Speaker Cab Impulse Responses

Dual Mic'd

Shure SM57 & Sennheiser E906


Tones that produce a huge stage "footprint" that easily cut through the densest of live mixes


Ready to rock your studio mixes. Achieve powerful recorded guitar tones without having to heavily eq and process your tracks


10 IR files in Wav format
24 Bit
44.1 kHz

Dual Mic'd For BIGGER Tones

Critical Cabs 4x12 Cab IR pack
Critical Cabs Speaker Cabinet Impulse Responses 4x12 IRs Amplitube 5150 Metal Tone

Amplitube 5150 & Messiah Impulse Response

tse x30 messiah impulse response critical cabs 4x12 irs

TSE X30 & Messiah Impulse Response

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