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Messiah Speaker Cabinet Impulses

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The most popular Impulse Response pack on earth with over 15 thousand users and counting!




Equipment used:

Mesa Boogie Standard Rectifier 4×12 Cabinet

Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker

Celestion g12k-100 Speaker

Celestion Greenback Speaker

Shure SM57 Microphones

API 512c Preamp


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 MESSIAH #1 & Amplitube’s Peavey 5150 model. Click here for settings

MESSIAH #2 & Revalver’s Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.  Click here for settings

MESSIAH #2 is dual mic’d with a more ‘scooped’ mid-range

 MESSIAH #3 & Marshall JVM

Messiah #3 is an impulse of a Celestion g12k-100 in the Mesa 4×12. An excellent combination!

  MESSIAH #4 & Marshall JVM

Messiah #4 is an impulse of a Celestion Greenback in the Mesa 4×12.




 4 ‘hard hits’ samples in 24 bit – 44 khz mono wav format

Guitars in this clip are Amplitube 5150 + Messiah #1 – Click here for settings

Mixing & Mastering Metal Video Tutorial


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